B.Ed(First Year):

For Girls:Dark Pink Shirt,off white Salwar,double shaded dupatta(tie&die) and black sweater,black shoes,white shocks.

For Boys: Black trouser,light pink shirt black shoes,white shocks and black sweater.

D.EI.Ed(First Year)

For Girls: Light purple shirt,off white colour Salwar,Double shaded duppatta, black shoes , whte shocks mahroon sweater.

For Boys:Black trouser,light Blue shirt, black shoes, white shocks Grey Sweater.

D.EI.Ed.(Second Year)

For Girls: Salmon shirt,white colour Salwar, double shaded duppatta(tie and die),black shoes,white shocks Maroon Sweater.

For Boys: Black trouser,sky Blue shirt ,black shoes, white shocks and Grey sweater.