Education is a dynamic process in which new-constructive thoughts are supplemented persistently to progressive education. We believe in all round holistic development of our students. The students should be ready to take world head on and equally should be ready to serve the society and nation. All round development is the hearted aim of R.C.College of Education. Teacher is a part and parcel componnent of education system on which all the entiities depends upon. Since we are going to produce teachers they should be gifted with interactive skills. This will help them to communicate with their pupils in a more vibrant and innovative way.The whole purpose of our education is to develop important life skills which will make individuals confident and independent. They should be ready to face any uncertainty and challenges in life.Our aim are to help students to chase their dreams and pursue their interests and aptitude. We want to achieve this aim with the active cooperation of student’s family along with the students. Our experienced and skill faculties are well equipped to impart such knowledge to students.
     The sole aim of our College lies in the logo of the college, i.e. ”Tamso Maa Jyotirgammya” which means to remove the darkness of ignorance and spread the light of knowledge and wisdom among the prospective teachers.

Dr. Kulwant Singh