There are forty-two rooms with sufficient light and ventilation in the College building housing class rooms, Multipurpose Hall, Library, Computer Lab, Laboratories, common room, offices and visitor room etc. There is a separate Assembly Hall with adequate and comfortable seating arrangement for cultural programme etc.

Furniture- There is a provision of 200 seats in the hall and there are 350 Students desks. There is separate furniture for the use of office staff room, common room, reading room and Principal’s office. There are sufficient bookshelves, steel almirahs and wooden almirahs. All the Laboratories have been equipped with adequate furniture and infrastructures.

Library- College Library consists of more than 5781 books for B.Ed. and D.El.Ed of different subjects and has 04 (Volume-12) Encyclopedia on 13 Education Journals ( 07 online and 06 offline). It has a spacious reading room with seating capacity of 100 students. In addition The College subscribes to most of the important Magazines, Journals, Periodicals and a number of Newspapers.

Curriculum Laboratory :-

- Science Laboratory- This Institution has multiple sets of Science apparatus required to perform and demonstrate all the experiments prescribed in the secondary and senior classes.

- Psychological Laboratory - This laboratory is equipped with the apparatus of simple experiments related to educational psychological, Intelligence Tests, Aptitude Tests, Creativity Tests, Personality Scales and Attitude Tests etc.

- Language Laboratory- 90 Watt max PA Cassette Recorder Amplifier with thirteen set of Micro Phones and Head Phones.

ICT Resource Center :-

- Computer Lab - Computer Education is compulsory for all the Students. The College has a well-established Computer Laboratory. It has 16 Computers and 2 Laptop with UPS, LAN Connectivity, Internet as per basic requirement of the Students.

- Educational Technology– Radio-1, T.V. –1, Audio Cassette Recorder –1, Slide-cum Film Projector-1, Over Head Projector –1,Projector Hangout -3, Art Materials for Preparation of chart, V.C.R. –1, Amplifier - 1, Loud Speaker – 2, Microphone –1 etc. A New Amplifier has been installed in the Multipurpose Hall to carryout various activities related to audio-visual, CCA and cultural programmes.

Health and Physical Education Resource Centre (Including Yoga education):- There is an open space for athletics, badminton, volleyball, basketball etc. College has indoor games like table tennis, chess and carrom board including different charts and models related to Yoga education. 15 Track Suits related to sports activities for students have been purchased by the college.

Art and Craft Resource Centre:- There are models, charts and different musicial instruments related to SUPW and creative work.

Separate Toilets - For boys, girls and staff have been properly maintained. A Sanitary Vending Machine with Destroyer has been installed in the college and the facility is being utilized by all girls students.

Playground - There is an open space for athletics, badminton, Volley ball, Basket ball etc. College has indoor games like Table Tennis, Chess and Carrom Board.

Rest Room For Disabled Students - This institution is providing a facility of rest room to disabled students.